Beginning Ballet  (Grades 1-2)

Beginning Ballet and it’s companion activity, Mini Workshop Performance, are offered throughout the academic year, divided into 4 sessions of seven lessons each. For ease of scheduling, the ballet class and performance opportunity are offered back to back on the same day.


The organizational and structural beauty of classical ballet is introduced in this foundational course of study. Some aims include developing correct posture through core strengthening, experiencing the rich music/movement relationship and jumping for joy!

Miss Melanie Danford enriches this class with beautiful live music.

DRESS CODE: Girls:pink footed tights, pink leotard (Bloch 5402), Capezio circular pull-on pink skirt. (Available on Amazon), Bloch split-sole ballet shoes; hair is required to be pulled away from face and neck into a pony tail or bun.

Boys: plain white t-shirt, black or navy blue shorts, white socks, white or black Bloch split-sole ballet shoes.


Designed as a companion class for Beginning Ballet, this class gives students the fun of being a part of the creative process of setting steps to music. All rehearsals, as well as the performance, take place onsite within the session dates. Family and friends are invited to attend and join in a mini celebration after the show. Each session has a different musical theme with some surprise touches to make it a special day!

Miss Melanie Danford enriches this class with beautiful live music.

DRESS CODE: Girls and Boys – same as Beginning Ballet.

TEACHER: Camille Izard Morris MFA, Director Oakwood Ballet

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