Just for Threes

Just for Threes is offered throughout the academic year, divided into 4 sessions of seven lessons each. Each Session builds on previous learning and introduces new skills and concepts as students are developmentally ready. There will be a special Open House at the end of each session to which family and friends are invited to observe.

Just for Threes is a gentle introduction to movement and music for the independent three year old. Designed for both boys and girls, this class explores large motor coordination and develops musical awareness. We have fun with hand and eye coordination, rhyming songs and more!

DRESS CODE: Girls – pink footless tights, pink leotard, bare feet; long hair should be pulled into a pony tail.

DRESS CODE: Boys – solid white t-shirt, navy blue or black shorts, bare feet.

Please check To the Pointe for updates.

TEACHER: Camille Izard Morris MFA, Director Oakwood Ballet