Staying Healthy at Oakwood Ballet:

Current Guidelines

Fall 2020

    • Student/Parent/Teacher follow best practices for controlling COVID-19: self-monitor for symptoms; notify teacher and remain home if student or a household member becomes ill.
    • Student/Parent/Teacher show mutual respect by wearing a face covering during drop off/ pick up times.
    • Student/Teacher follow best practice for ballet training by wearing a mask for dancing.
    • Mini Immersion duration includes time for the dancer to get ready/sanitize hands before and after we dance.
    • Mini Immersions include an age-appropriate Activity Time that targets small motor and cognitive development. This gives the dancer a mask break while remaining socially distanced. Masks are always worn while we actively dance.
    • Personal sanitizer, belongings and all materials needed for the Mini Immersion are kept in the dancer’s bag so items are not commingled. No supplies are shared.
    • We will exclusively use the side door of the OCC for all entrances/exits.
    • Each student is assigned a specific color for easy visual reminders of social distancing.
    • Only one group at a time is allowed in the OCC.
    • All equipment used during Mini Immersion is sanitized before/after each group.
  • Contained classroom: At drop-off, please make sure your child has street clothes over her ballet uniform and has used the restroom before we begin. Friendly reminder: Ballet shoes should never be worn outside.