To the pointe


         June 2020:  Good News!  Oakwood Ballet is pleased to announce, with proper safety measures, we can start a limited to re-opening this summer. Our offerings will be shorter in duration and limited to 5-6 dancers in each group. They serve as placeholder experiences to support your child’s developmental self-expression along with an opportunity for some dancing fun! Below is a  list of  guidelines for ballet, in order for you to make an informed decision to join us.






Staying Healthy at Oakwood Ballet

  • Students/Parent/Teacher will follow best practices including self-monitoring (temperature assessment); sanitizing hands before/after camp; staying home if symptomatic.
  • Camps are limited to 5-6 participants to observe social distancing. Visual markers for students/parents will serve as guides.
  • Student/Parent/Teacher are strongly encouraged to show mutual respect by wearing a face covering during drop off/pick up times. Social distancing will be maintained though face coverings will NOT be worn while we are dancing.
  • Camp duration includes time for the dancer to get ready/sanitize hands before/after Camp. Personal belongings and any materials needed for camp will be kept in the dancer’s bag so items are not commingled.
  • Students will be accompanied by one household member only and be assigned a specific door to enter/exit the building. Details will be sent to those enrolled.
  • Only one group at a time allowed in the OCC.
  • All equipment used during camp will be sanitized before/after each group.
  • To minimize/eliminate trips in/out of the Great Room, students will need to use the restroom before camp. No snacks, but students may bring their own water bottle if desired.

I welcome your questions –